We have an experienced, dedicated team that is responsible for all safety evaluations and chemical process engineering activities within STA, bringing you assurance that your manufacture is in safe hands.

STA understands the value engineering brings to assessing process safety, development risks and scalability. We are committed to helping our clients anticipate any hazards associated with their processes to ensure the development of safe, robust and scalable procedures.

Process Safety

Our Process Safety Evaluation Lab conducts reaction safety assessments to safeguard operations in the kilo lab, pilot plant and commercial plant. The process safety evaluations include four elements that combined give guidance on the chemical reaction hazards that need to be taken into consideration when developing a process.

1 Desktop screening is used to raise hazard awareness and give guidance in the early stages of process development.

2 Thermal screening test is used to provide a preliminary indication of the potential chemical reaction hazards associated with the main process, side reactions and chemical decompositions.

3 Reaction calorimetry is used to investigate reaction enthalpies under the proposed operating conditions.

4 Gas Evolution and associate pressure hazards are assessed using a U-tube manometer connected to a RC1 to determine the rate and amount of off-gas generated during a reaction.

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