Our process engineering department has expertise and capabilities to support solid state characterization and control, particle size reduction and control, and hydrogenations. A brief description of each of our services is located below.

Crystal Engineering and Crystallization Services

Knowing crystalline form can have a significant impact on bioavailability and formulation properties, defining and controlling the best form is critical in drug development. Whether the solid is a free base or a free acid, amorphous or crystalline, our experience and expertise at STA can assist in the identification of the optimal form. Our services include solubility studies, polymorph screening, salt screening, crystallization (process) development, chiral resolution, particulate sciences issues (filtration, PSD control via crystallization) and converting amorphous compounds to crystalline solids. Find out more about our expertise in this field on our Crystallization Technology page.

Milling/Micronization Services

Our Milling/Micronization group is responsible for all particle size reduction activities within STA. We have three different types of micronizers which are based on different size reduction principles; jetmills, pinmills and wet mills. We have both non-GMP and GMP rated equipment with capabilities to support batch sizes from 10 grams to > 100 kilograms. Find out more about our expertise in this field on our Milling Technology page.

Hydrogenation Services

Our Hydrogenation Lab is responsible for the evaluation and development of all hydrogenation reactions at STA. We have three types of equipment in the hydrogenation lab including Multiple Reactor System, Ecoclave Hydrogenation Reactor and Glove Box for screening hydrogenation conditions and scaling up the lead reactions. Find out more about our expertise in this field on our Hydrogenation Technology page.

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