We have the expertise and capability to provide solutions to our clients particle size concerns.

Our Milling & Micronization group is responsible for all particle size reduction activities. We have three different types of micronizers which are based on three different operating principles.


We have a MC-2, a MC-50 and a MC-150 made by DEC Group/Switzerland. The MC-2 is suitable for laboratory scale micronization and can support batch sizes of 1.5 g to 500 g. The MC-50 is suitable for kilo to pilot scale micronization and can support batch size 3 g to 20 kg. The MC-2 and MC-50 are installed in our GMP Class 100,000 clean rooms. The MC-150 is located within our cGMP commercial plant and can support processing ranges from 40-100 kg/day based on the desired and initial PSD profiles.


The pinmill (Hosakawa Alpine model UPZ100) generates larger particle sizes than jetmills and is complementary to jetmills based on a PSD point of view. The advantages of the pinmill are the good control of its feeding rate and pin rotational speed, making the PSD controllable and reproducible. It's suitable for projects requiring tight control over the particle size. The pinmill can be used to mill 100 grams to > 100 kilograms with around 95% recovery. The machine requires around 20-30 g of product for the test run to check the effect of milling on the PSD, crystallinity, metal content, etc., prior to scale-up.


The wetmill is used for solids in the suspension form. Our wet mill, an IKA Process Pilot 2000/4, is suitable to process batches up to 200 L (5-20 kg solids).

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