We have the expertise and capabilities to confidently develop and scale-up asymmetric hydrogenation processes for our clients.

STA has extensive experience in optimizing and operating asymmetric hydrogenations from kilo to production scale, including Rhodium-catalyzed, Ruthenium-catalyzed, and Iridium-catalyzed reactions.

To support our asymmetric hydrogenation capabilities, we have established a dedicated team within our Process Engineering group who are responsible for screening hydrogenation conditions and scaling up lead reactions. We have the resources to successfully and efficiently transfer your process from the bench to commercial scale manufacturing.

Our high pressure reactor sizes range from 50 L to 5,000 L and operate across a temperature range of -10 to 140C and a pressure range of 0 to 100 bar.

Our Process Engineering team uses equipment specifically selected for efficient reaction design to ensure we can confidently take your process from concept to scale:

The Multiple Reactor System is used for screening multiple asymmetric hydrogenation reactions simultaneously. The system allows six separate reactors to run simultaneously with individual temperature control and pressure monitoring.

Multiple Reactor System
Ecoclave Hydrogenation Reactor

The Ecoclave Hydrogenation Reactor is used to monitor the real-time amount and rate of hydrogen absorption during a reaction. It facilitates accurate monitoring and control of reaction pressure and precise control of reaction temperature, providing process chemists an efficient and safe method for developing hydrogenation reactions.

We use a Glove Box for weighing catalysts and certain sensitive chemicals as it minimizes the risk of oxygen entry into the main chamber (oxygen concentration controlled to <1ppm).

Glove Box

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