Our Flow Chemistry Services provides continuous processing solutions to clients with challenging chemical processes.

Our expertise in reaction engineering, fluid dynamics, applied chemistry and chemical engineering enable us to design, develop and build innovative modular flow chemistry platforms to serve challenging high-temperature and cryogenic processes.

We utilize two types of flow chemistry reactors, continuously stirred tank reactors (CSTR) and plug flow reactors (PFR). PFRs are employed to execute gas/liquid and liquid/liquid reactions, while CSTR are used for solid/liquid reactions as well as separation/extraction operations.

Flow 1, Flow 2, Flow 3.

The sequence above shows a continuous plug flow reactor in operation for a client project at STA. Running the reaction in flow mode eliminated the risk of product degradation by reducing the residence time in the PFR.

A straightforward "numbering-up" scale-up method was developed to support 100g scale (left) and 1 kg scale (middle and right) with identical equipment. The kilo-lab setup has the capacity to support multiple hundred kg campaigns, ensuring continuous processing can be used as a practical solution as your needs grow.

Building on the foundations of STA business, we understand from personal experience what you need and expect from a service provider.

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A Continuous Processing Solution

Are you looking for a supplier to manage your complex chemistry project? We have the expertise and experience at STA to help you. To see how we successfully developed a continuous process to overcome product stability issues and support production of clinical supplies.

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