STA’s Environment, Health and Safety Management System (EHS-MS) is built upon STA’s Management Commitment and Business Continuity Plan. The purpose is to ensure compliance with internal and external global EHS requirements, guarantee the quality of the products we deliver, drive continuous improvement, and support the sustainable growth of the company.

EHS Policy

STA strictly complies with all applicable national and local EHS laws, regulations and standards. We established and implemented strict internal regulations and management procedures to meet the requirements of the relevant organizations and customers. We believe people are the most valuable asset for STA. We’re committed to sharing information and protecting employees, contractors, customers and the communities by conducting business in a sustainable manner.

To achieve the goal of zero accidents, no harm, no pollution and sustainable development, STA‘s EHS Policy mainly focuses on three strategic areas: 1) preventing hazards and reducing the probability of work-related injuries and incidents; 2) improving manufacturing processes to reduce potential EHS risks; 3) promoting green chemistry programs and optimizing the use of natural resources to minimize the environmental impact.

EHS Organization and Accountability

    We clearly defined the roles and responsibilities of various corporate, divisional and local managers and EHS professionals. At present, several organizations were established to support the implementation of EHS policies, including EHS Committee, Process Safety Management (PSM) PSM Committee, General Manager (GM) Representative, and EHS Department.
  • EHS committees is responsible for defining rules and make key decisions.
  • EHS Department is responsible for providing guidance, supervising and monitoring the compliance of EHS policies as well as organizing regular safety meeting.
  • Functional head is fully accountable for functional EHS compliance.
  • EHS Matrix Team is fully responsible for field safety.


    STA is committed to meet the following sustainability developmental objectives:
  • Compared to 2014, comprehensive energy consumption index per ten thousand RMB revenue will reduce by 5% in 2015;
  • Compared to 2014, the average daily fresh water consumption will reduce by 10% in 2015.
EHS Mission & Commitment
Protect Employees and Community Protect environment Protect Company
  • Improve Infrastructure and Engineering Control
  • Control Air Emission
  • Control and Improve Wastes Treatment Ability
  • Save Energy
  • Develop Green Chemistry
  • Comply to Government Regulations
  • Meet Client’s EHS Requirements
  • Maintain and Enhance Company’s Reputation

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