Our objectives are to streamline the development process and to provide clear advice with regard to risk management in matters regarding solid state chemistry.

Our experienced Crystallization Engineering Group is responsible for all solid state services at STA including solubility studies, polymorph screening, salt screening, crystallization process development, and crystal habit optimization.

Polymorphism studies

The Crystallization Engineering Group at STA have developed robust systems for polymorph screening using various methods to capture different crystalline forms of a solid including crystallization, thermal and capillary techniques coupled with mechanical processing.

Our polymorph screening service is divided into three tiers and provides phase-appropriate services to our clients: abbreviated screening, standard screening, and advanced screening. All screenings can be customized to meet the needs and program demands of our clients.

Crystallization Process Development

Once the final solid state form is selected, our engineering and production teams will seamlessly develop and optimize a robust process that leads to production of the correct form with optimal solid state properties. Robustness and seeding requirements will be evaluated to minimize and anticipate any potential issues at larger scales.

Differential Scanning Calorimetry
X-Ray Powder Diffraction (XRD) machine

Salt Selection

On occasion, the free form of the API is deemed unsuitable for development, and a salt may be required to support development of the API. We have two tiers of salt screenings services focussed on selecting the final salt from pharmaceutically acceptable counter ions and demonstrating acceptable solid state properties. The salts are analyzed with appropriate analytical techniques such as XRD, TGA, DSC, KF, and counter-ion stoichiometry determination. Once a suitable salt form is identified, we evaluate solvent, reactive crystallization techniques, recovery, polymorphism, purity, particle size, and stoichiometry to ensure advancement of the optimal form and process.

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