We have experience and expertise in the supply of commercial products bringing you true end-to-end options for your supply chain.

From our commercial manufacturing facility in Jinshan, STA has proven itself as a reliable partner for the supply of commercial products. With a business infrastructure established on site to support all aspects of the supply chain from raw material sourcing to product export, the team have demonstrated to clients our commitment to assurance of supply and Quality On Time In Full project execution.

Our technical teams are also well experienced in lifecycle management, reviewing manufacturing processes to ensure continuous improvement and long term cost of goods are achieved where possible, and also second generation process innovation.

Our facilities can scale up all types of reactions, including asymmetric hydrogenations, air and water sensitive metal catalytic reactions, high temperature, high pressure, low temperature and oxidations reactions.

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  • Phase I
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  • Phase III
  • Commercial

responsive icon Reactor Range

Flexible manufacturing assets consisting of a total GMP capacity of 234m³ with multi-purpose reactors ranging from 3,000L to 20,000L, support projects through their commercial lifecycle.

committed icon Experience

Our FDA approved commercial plants are well equipped and experienced to scale up all types of reactions producing multi tonne quantities of APIs and advance intermediates. With our highly experienced project management and dedicated client service team, we deliver assurance of supply to our customers.

managed icon 24×7 Operation

All of STA's manufacturing sites operate 24×7, with on-site process chemistry, process engineer, and analytical support providing the foundations of our assurance of supply to you.

Innovate icon End-to-end

End-to-end process R&D and API manufacturing capabilities, ensuring a seamless transfer of know-how and scale, as programs advance from preclinical to commercial.

Building on the foundations of STA business, we understand from personal experience what you need and expect from a service provider.

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50% reduction in advanced intermediate cost

STA's expertise in process development and manufacturing was employed by our client for an expensive key advanced intermediate. With an initial unit cost of over $3000/kg, our client was keen to realize potential savings that would ultimately improve the API's cost of goods.

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Chiral process improvement

STA's experience in process development and manufacturing of a large volume chiral advance intermediate that was required for a client whose product had a cost of goods of >$3000/kg due to its complicated purification process.

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