Jinshan, Shanghai Facility

STA's Jinshan manufacturing site covers 14 acres. As a cGMP manufacturing base, the Jinshan site can handle manufacturing projects ranging from kilo scale to metric tons scale. The Jinshan facility contains a kilo lab, 2 pilot plants and 1 commercial plant with reactors ranging from 5 L to 20,000 L. The facility also includes a high potency cGMP API facility, quality control labs, warehouses and a solvent tank farm.

STA's Jinshan facility successfully passed three US FDA PAI inspections in 2013, 2014 and 2016. The facility has been approved by eight international regulatory agencies to supply commercial APIs for innovative drugs in the US, Europe, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and China.

We are well equipped and experienced to scale-up many types of reactions including asymmetric hydrogenations, air and water sensitive metal catalytic reactions, high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, and oxidations reactions. The site is enabled for high-tech manufacturing processing including large volume liquid nitrogen, continuous processing (flow chemistry), and biocatalysis.

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